How to find the production plant (map)? ARBOR d.o.o.

My name is Dragoslav Nikolic. I am the owner of Enterprise "ARBOR" d.o.o. which deals with the production of cut, vapoured and dried beech timber.

In its production plant ARBOR d.o.o. has:
- production hall with the timber cutting line - primary wood processing: one wooden dooser 20m3/8h with belonging circular saws and bank saws.
- thermic processing plant:
two steam units with capacity of 10-15m3 per chamber;
two automatic condensation drying units, capacity 20m3 per chamber, as well as the pertaining rooms within the factory.

The production plant is located about 350 km far from Belgrade, at a place called Golemo Selo, on a regional road between Vranje and Vucje, at 25 km distance from both places, and it has an access by truck from both directions.

I would like to point that the production plant is situated in a region exceptionally rich in a good quality beech forest, in fact 9 km far from the mountain Kukavica which is renown for wood quality.

In line with the above, I can offer you exclusively beech planks in raw, steamed or dried condition, as well as beech elements in required size. The elements may also be in raw and in dried condition amount to about 150 m3. Delivery may be done as agreed, FREE Golemo Selo, i.e. the manufacturing factory or FREE customer's factory.

If you are interested in the above indicated production program, please send us your specification of the products required and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

In view of the fact that the technological line of the facroty consists of new and modern machinery, I can guarantee the qulaity of my production program.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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